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She Sacrificed Her Life For Her Fiancé Who Survived

A photograph taken in Ireland in 1972 of a girl shooting from the gun of her fiancé who was wounded in a battle against the British army, her wounded fiancé survived after being transported by car to a safe place, while his girlfriend clashed with British soldiers until she was killed.

When the commander of the Battalion of The English Soldiers found out that they were fighting a woman, he ordered his soldiers not to touch her body and allowed the Irish to bury her and they heard the English commander repeat this sentence:

“We defend a queen who doesn’t care about us. And this woman cares about her lover and her land.”

The photo was chosen for Women’s Day in Ireland and they wrote this sentence:

“Don’t be afraid to be associated with a strong woman and the day may come and she’ll be your only army.”

The photo was taken by the Irish photographer Colman Doyle. The original caption: “A woman IRA volunteer on active service in West Belfast with an AR18 assault rifle”. The IRA fighters nicknamed this gun “The Widowmaker.”

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